EAT | Sugared Pecans (Easy Holiday Treat)

Today I am sharing a fun holiday treat that is super easy and fun to make! If you are a nut lover, you will love these cinnamon-y crunchy coated pecans! My family loves any kind of nut, and my girls and husband love these. We have also tried this recipe with almonds, but we prefer pecans because they get very crispy in the oven. These are perfect to bring for a holiday party or to give as a gift to someone in a little jar with a bow. Here’s how we make them!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 egg white
  • 4 tsp water
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 1 lb pecan halves

Preheat your oven to 250.

Mix everything except the pecans together. I use a mixer and it gets everything incorporated super fast.

Next, add in all of your pecans and coat them evenly with your mixture.

On a parchment lined baking sheet, evenly spread out your pecans.

You’re going to cook these for an hour, but you need to take them out every 15 minutes and stir them around so that they all get crispy.

Here’s after 15 minutes. They are still very liquidy.

Here is after 30 minutes, they have a lot less liquid.

Here is after 45 minutes, still a tiny bit wet.

Here is after one hour, all the liquid should be gone and they should have a powder consistency.

That’s it! Let them cool completely and store in a sealed container.

So easy and so delish!

thanks for reading xx

Best Nude Lipliners

My favorite lip right now is a nude liner with gloss. Liner lasts longer than lipstick, and it just looks so pretty with a gloss on top.

I like a neutral color on my lips, so all of these are nude colors, some shades lean more brown than pink, but they are all nude.

For a brown toned liner, MUFE Anywhere Caffeine is my go-to. I mentioned this on my recent October Beauty Faves post, and I love this color. The formula of this liner lasts so long and is creamy, but not so creamy that it smudges. Here’s a swatch.

Next, the cult classic, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk. This liner is so popular, and is a pinky nude. Perfect my lips but better color.

A color that is very similar to this is the NYX Peekaboo Neutral. This is almost the exact same shade, a tiny bit darker…but so much cheaper.

Another very similar shade to these is the Sephora liner in Creme De La Creme. This one is definitely the creamiest, a little bit peachy and has a sheen to it. Very pretty.

Lastly another Sephora liner in the color Light Brown. This is a bit more brown, but still pinky and neutral.

All of these liners last all day and are so pretty. If you’re looking for a new lip liner, definitely give these a try!

Thanks for reading! xx

Friday Fave | My Custom MAC Eyeshadow Quad

I used to be the queen of eyeshadow palettes, I had every palette and barely got through any of them. I would never use up all the shades! Now, I only buy small palettes where I use most of the shades.

I have always loved MAC eyeshadows, they are some of the best, and I love how you can make custom palettes. I used to have a huge one, but it was so old that I eventually tossed it. A few months ago I made a custom quad, and I love it. It has everything I need and all my favorite MAC shades. Here it is!

On the MAC website, you can purchase this palette empty, and then buy the eyeshadow pans to fill it up. The empty palette is $12, and the pan refills are $9 each. So the total for this palette is $48, which is spendy, but you can hand pick the exact colors you want, so you know you’ll use them all. The pans are magnetic so they sit right in the palette and they don’t fall out.

I tend to like cool toned eyeshadow, it just looks better with my skin tone, so the colors here are pretty cool toned.

The first shade is Nylon, which is a pale gold color with an icy shimmer to it. This color is beautiful as an inner corner highlight, and also so pretty on the lid.

The next color is All That Glitters, which is darker and more beige, with a golden pearl sheen. This color is my go-to all over the lid color. It is so pretty and neutral but still a pop with the pearly sheen.

Next up is Satin Taupe, which is a darker smoky taupe color with some silver shimmer. I love to wear this for night time all over the lid or just in the crease, I use it to also smoke out the bottom lashline.

Lastly is Espresso. This is just a chocolatey brown matte color. I use this color so many ways. I can use it as liner, I use it to deepen up any eye look, I can drag it under my lashline for some definition, and I can also use it to fill in my brows.

Here are swatches of all the colors! I didn’t use a filter on any of these pictures so you could see the true colors.

nylon, all that glitters, satin taupe, espresso

As you can see, these colors are so so pretty and perfect for everyday! MAC has a ton of shades to choose from. This palette is so nice to have, it’s all I ever need, and the perfect size for travel.

Thanks for reading! xx

October Beauty Faves

I’m a little late on this, but still thought I would share a few things that I have been using a lot in my beauty routine!

For Halloween this year, I dressed up as Cher, and I researched a lot of makeup looks on YouTube to get her iconic look. The tutorial that I ended up using used a brown lip liner and a red gloss for the lips. I loved it so much that I wore it before Halloween and after!

I’ve been using MUFE Anywhere Caffeine Liner, and Tower 28 Gloss in XOXO. I had both of these in my collection, but never thought to wear them together! They look so pretty and neutral together. The liner lasts and the gloss is the perfect formula and not sticky!

I love the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, BUT recently I’ve been reaching for this Saie Highlight in Starglow. This says it is a highlight, but I use it just like Flawless Filter, underneath my makeup.

The color of this is lighter than my Flawless Filter, and is not as heavy. It feels so dewy and light on my skin and doesn’t add shimmer or glitter, just GLOW. My skin is naturally dry and kind of dull, so adding this before my makeup really looks nice.

I found the perfect smudge brush for my eyes. I love to use powder for eyeliner and also smoke out my under eye with shadow for a soft look.

This ELF Concealer Brush is the perfect size. It is domed and so small, perfect for getting above the lashline and also underneath my bottom lashes. It was cheap ($2!) and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

This is the best smelling shampoo ever. I got a sample bottle of this a while ago, and I loved it so much I purchased the big bottle. This is the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo. The scent is spicy amber and floral, and it lingers all day! The shampoo really deep cleans, but doesn’t strip and is very moisturizing on the hair. My hair is so soft and shiny when I use it.

That’s all for my recent faves! What have you been loving lately? Let me know if you’d like an in-depth review on anything shown here.

Thanks for reading xx

Reading Wrap Up | October

Hello! October flew by, and I read on my Kindle pretty much every day! I read a Colleen Hoover book, and two mystery/thriller books. Here are my reviews!

Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover

This will probably be my last Colleen Hoover book. Not that the book wasn’t good, but it’s just not my genre. Not my vibe. Most of her books are the drama romance type, and I’m just not into it. That being said, for this genre, it was an ok read. I’m just hoping to find another VERITY, and she usually doesn’t write books like that.

This book was about a girl named Tate, who falls in love with a emotionally unavailable man. He doesn’t want a relationship, she does…blah blah blah. He won’t tell her about his past cause he has some secrets, and she loves him and wants the relationship to work out. That’s pretty much it. If you like romance, you’ll like it…!

Every Last Secret By A.R. Torre

Ok, this one was good. A domestic thriller. It is about a lady named Cat who is rich, beautiful, and who everyone wishes their life was like. A girl Neena moves in next door and starts becoming obsessed with Cat and wanting her life. She also wants her husband. She becomes friends with Cat to get closer and steals the life she’s always wanted. Yes! Full of twists. I really liked this one. I live for the drama.

The Stepdaughter by Georgina Cross

This one is about a stepmother Vanessa who’s teen stepdaughter Mia vanishes from their backyard pool. She finds her husbands wedding ring at the bottom of the pool, and strange texts from her husband on Mia’s phone. The cops and neighbors all want to blame her for Mia’s disappearance. This one was really good, very surprising twists and just a really good mystery.

That’s is for my October book reviews! What have you been reading lately?

thanks for reading! xx

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