FAIL | NARS Audacious Mascara

Let me start off by saying that NARS is probably my favorite high-end makeup brand.  I’ve tried pretty much everything the brand has to offer, and it’s all amazing.  Eyeshadows, cheek products, primers, lippies, powders – I have NEVER been disappointed with anything by them…till now.

Despite the ugly reviews of this $26 mascara on, I still chose this as my “mobile offer” freebie with a recent order.  I thought, “it’s NARS, how could I not love it?”  Well, lemme tell ya.  This is probably THE WORST mascara I’ve ever tried (sorry NARS).  Good thing I didn’t buy it!

So let’s start off with the packaging.  It’s the classic matte black rubberized material that all of the NARS items have.  It’s heavy and feels very chic.  Loved the packaging as usual.

So, I opened up the tube, and noticed that the wand was a clumpy mess.  First of all, those bristles will seriously injure you, so be careful.  You could probably use this as a weapon in a pinch.  They are sharp and pointy, and the brush is HUGE.  Don’t try to get your lower lashes with this behemoth.

I curled my lashes as usual, and applied this to my top lashes.  It automatically clumped everywhere, so I tried adding more, and the more clumpy it got!  The formula is very “wet”, and it also managed to get on my eyelid too.  It left me with spider-y clumps of lashes.  It didn’t lengthen, but it did give a little bit of volume.

After finishing, I went on to curl my hair. By the time I was done curling my hair, I looked in the mirror, and all of the volume and curl were gone from my lashes.  The mascara just completely weighed them down.  There were also flakes along my undereye area!

Not gonna lie, I removed the mascara, applied my Benefit They’re Real, and threw this little monster in the trash.  It seems like everything went wrong!  Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing the full size.

Have you tried this one?

Do you like reading negative reviews and about bad experiences with products?  Let me know!

xx Amy 

6 thoughts on “FAIL | NARS Audacious Mascara”

  1. I got the sample too but had the opposite problem- my tube was so thin and watery that it just kind of tinted my lashes black with no change to length or volume. How disappointing, I love Nars!

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