The Nude Gray Nail

There really aren’t many colors that I won’t try out on my nails.  I love to express myself with different colors and finishes of nail polish.  One color in particular that I have been loving lately is gray!  Gray is one of my favorite colors to wear in clothing, so I just love it for my nails too. Gray is a neutral, so it will go with anything, and I think it looks classy and chic.  Here are some of my favorite grays. From left to right:  Planet Rock, Merino Cool, WetSuit, Steady As She Rose, Chinchilly

Deborah Lippmann’s Planet Rock is a creamy taupe gray with just a hint of purple to it.  This color is very similar to the ever popular, Essie Merino Cool.  Merino Cool has a bit more brown to it, but both shades are really nice and thick, go opaque in two coats, and look so nice on the nails.


I also love blue toned gray, like Wet Suit from Sally Hansen.  This color is a dusty deep gray creme with a hint of blue to it.  This color is gorgeous on the nails and I get so many compliments when I wear it.  The formula of Sally Hansen nail polishes are always really good and very opaque.  

Next, I have a lighter, more purple gray color, OPI Steady As She Rose.  This color is very unique.  I own a lot of lavender colors, but this one is a very gray lavender.  It is so pretty and looks delicate.  This is a color I would wear any season, with any outfit, for any occasion.  It is a true nude and is one of my favorites.  

Another one of my all-time favorites is Essie Chinchilly.  This color is like Merino Cool, except a few shades lighter.  This is a true soft slate gray.  I don’t see any purple or blue to this color, I just see gray.  I love this color and I’m wearing it right now 🙂

Do you like gray nail polish?

xx amy

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