My PRECIOUS | 15 Pan MAC Palette

Ok, so if my house was on fire and I could just save one makeup item (lol) it would be THIS.  Behold, my 15 pan MAC palette AKA my precious.  I have been using this palette for years, switching out, using up, and buying new shadows for it.  Only my favorite shadows go in here.

I love this palette because I bought it empty and I bought each individual shadow to build my own perfect palette.  This palette has every color I need, and i just love it so!  I can create any type of look I need with this.

MAC has recently lowered the price of their individual pan shadows to $6 (they used to be $10), so I feel like that is a good deal.  Their shadows are some of the best, always pigmented and have nice lasting power.  With 113 shades, and all types of finishes, you will definitely find the perfect color for whatever you’re looking for.

Here’s what’s in mine!

First off, I have three highlight shades, and three are definitely necessary.

  • Vanilla -velvet finish/ peachy-ivory with reflects
  • Nylon -frost finish/pale frosty gold
  • Phloof -frost finish/super pale frosty pink

Vanilla comes off as pretty matte on my skin, so that is what I use to highlight my browbone.  For this, I don’t want anything shimmery, so this color is perfect.  As for my inner corner highlight, I use either Nylon, which is more yellow toned, or Phloof, which is more pinky toned.  

Here are the swatches:

From l to r: Vanilla, Nylon, Phloof

The next five colors are my lighter shimmery lid colors.  These are all neutrals that work for anything!

  • All That Glitters – veluxe pearl finish/ beige with gold pearl
  • Patina – frost/ taupe brown with golden pearl
  • Sable – frost/ golden plum with bronze pearl
  • Satin Taupe – frost/ taupe with silver shimmer
  • Shale – satin finish/ mauve plum with subtle shimmer

All of these colors work so well as just a “one color wash” over the lid, or paired with a deeper color in the crease.

Here are the swatches:

From l to r:  All That Glitters, Patina, Sable, Satin Taupe, Shale

The next two colors are my transition/crease colors.  These colors also work very well for my eyebrows too, so I love them.

  • Wedge – matte/ soft muted beige taupe
  • Espresso – matte/ muted golden brown

These are the only two matte browns I need for any look.  One is much lighter than the other; and they blend out so smoothly in the crease.

Here are the swatches:

The next five shadows are my more deeper and different colors.

  • Sumptuous Olive – veluxe pearl/khaki with pearl
  • Sketch – velvet/ burgundy with red shimmer
  • Club – satin/ red- brown with green pearl
  • Knight Divine – veluxe pearl/black with silver pearl
  • Carbon – matte/ intense black

These colors are my favorite to use when I am going out at night, or want a deeper, smoky type of look.  They are all beautiful and they are colorful, but still neutral at the same time.

Here are the swatches:

That’s it for my palette!  Can you see why it’s my PRECIOUS?

What are your favorite MAC shadows?

xx amy

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