GLOSSIER | First Impressions

Hello! I recently placed an order at Glossier, a makeup/skincare brand that I have been wanting to try for awhile. This brand is known for their “natural” type makeup, and their very instagrammable packaging. I had heard numerous reviews on the Boy Brow and Balm Dot Com, and after seeing my cousin Katie wearing a sheer matte red from them that looked so pretty on her the other night- I knew I had to place my order!

Everything came in this little pink bubble wrap pouch. Super cute. It also came with stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers? I already stuck these onto the inside of my sentence-a-day journal.

Everything came in little boxes. I ordered four products, the Boy Brow, Haloscope Highlight, Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick, and Balm Dot Com. They even sent a sample of the Milky Jelly Cleanser.

First off, I really like the packaging. It’s hip and minimalistic. I also love the holographic on the Balm Dot Com.

Glossier’s #1 bestseller is the Boy Brow. This retails for $16, comes in four shades (clear, blonde, brown, and black), and I picked up the brown one. I have tried products similar to this before (Benefit Gimme Brow, Essence Make Me Brow), and I really like them! When it comes to brows, I like them very natural, so this product is perfect. It’s like a little mascara and you just brush it through your brows. It thickens the brows, adds a little bit of color and holds them in place.

Next up, the Haloscope Dew Effect Highlight Stick. This retails for $22, and comes in three colors, topaz (bronzey), quartz (champagney), and moonstone (opalescent glaze). Topaz looked too dark, Moonstone looked too clear, so I went with Quartz, which is so pretty and pearlescent. I love products in stick form like this, and this one is unique because the product is around a moisturizing core, and is supposed to give a pretty glow without glitter or shimmer.

I purchased the next product because of Katie, it is the Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick. This retails for $18, and comes in 6 different colors. After Katie told me it was a “Sheer Matte” formula, I was like, I HAVE TO HAVE THAT. I picked it up in the color Zip, which is the same color she had on, and it gives the look of a red stain on the lips. I LOVE that it’s matte, and still red, but not an in-your-face red. Sometimes you just want a little red. Like you just ate a cherry popsicle.

You really can’t tell from the swatch, but this is sooo pretty and chock full of iridescent shimmer.

Lastly, a product I’ve really been wanting to try, the Balm Dot Com. This retails for $12 and comes in 6 different colors/flavors. I knew I wanted the Birthday one, because I have heard it smells AMAZING, and is a collaboration with Milk Bar and their famous birthday cake. I love the squeezey tube packaging. The smell of this is just like a birthday cake, and I LOVE IT. It’s not really a fake smell either, it smells just like the real thing. It is very thick, and comes out whitish clear with shimmer. It is really pretty.

I am really happy with this order, and think I will love everything!

Have you tried Glossier?

Thanks for reading! xx

7 thoughts on “GLOSSIER | First Impressions”

  1. Yay!!! Love that lipstick!

    I really want to try that Haloscope, it’s so pretty, but it’s got coconut and almond butter! It’ll break me out! 😦

    1. I’ve been wearing the lipstick every day!

      Noooooo! I really bet you could find something similar. Like the hourglass ones! Those look 🙌🏼

  2. Lovely post! I so need to try some bits from Glossier as everyone seems to be talking about the brand at the minute. That highlighter looks stunning and I’m also so interested in the jelly cleanser. X

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